1. If a name be both male and female, what happens?

If you specify in which country the query is used, you obtain a more realist result. For example: Kim name is used as a male name in the Korea but in the England, it is used for women . In a circumstance like this, to give you the truest result, it will return the most used gender as result.

2. How do you obtain the datas?

To provide the highest potential trueness, we compound the datas that we got from obtained sources. We always use the data from the open to the general public government sources. And we combine them into what we scan from social networks which provide the best potential matches. Each name, that we saved to the database, is added by verifying with the datas that we got from different sources.

3. Do you give support for the API integration?

For sure. Please text to e-mail address to get support. We will reply it in a short time.

4. How do you provide the security of requests?

Our server, AES_256_GCM, TLS 1.2, has a certificate with high encryption ability.

5. How many name do you have on your database?

We have 431.322.102 verified name that collected from 188 countries, on our database. There are over 2.900.965 singular names that used all around the world. To increase our quality and to obtain truest results, we analyze avarage 50.000.000 names every month.

6. Which countries do you support?

We support 188 countries worldwide. If There are at least 120 names in any country on our the database, you can find that country on the list below.

Code Country Name Count
AD Andorra 602
AE United Arab Emirates 32149
AF Afghanistan 1448
AG Antigua and Barbuda 354
AL Albania 2316
AM Armenia 3132
AO Angola 2279
AR Argentina 22815
AT Austria 11143
AU Australia 40883
AW Aruba 1117
AX 202
AZ Azerbaijan 7271
BA Bosnia and Herzegovina 2634
BB Barbados 1028
BD Bangladesh 7042
BE Belgium 43140
BF Burkina Faso 487
BG Bulgaria 18279
BH Bahrain 5284
BI Burundi 169
BJ Benin 861
BM Bermuda 434
BN Brunei 11524
BO Bolivia 4127
BR Brazil 214529
BS Bahamas 1914
BT 212
BW Botswana 1119
BY Belarus 5441
BZ Belize 911
CA Canada 50519
CD Congo - Kinshasa 1032
CF Central African Republic 439
CG Congo - Brazzaville 385
CH Switzerland 13389
CI Côte d’Ivoire 1800
CL Chile 34504
CM Cameroon 1335
CN China 22584
CO Colombia 21770
CR Costa Rica 11850
CU Cuba 1200
CV Cape Verde 703
CW Country of Curaçao 627
CY Cyprus 9493
CZ Czech Republic 16527
DE Germany 41947
DJ Djibouti 161
DK Denmark 7716
DM 187
DO Dominican Republic 10974
DZ Algeria 3540
EC Ecuador 8204
EE Estonia 4663
EG Egypt 14454
ES Spain 49038
ET Ethiopia 1064
FI Finland 10399
FJ Fiji 802
FM 182
FO 134
FR France 45025
GA Gabon 524
GB United Kingdom 66556
Code Country Name Count
GD 227
GE Georgia 9110
GF French Guiana 341
GG 286
GH Ghana 6964
GI Gibraltar 266
GL 134
GM Gambia 217
GN Guinea 278
GP Guadeloupe 1147
GQ Equatorial Guinea 200
GR Greece 22587
GT Guatemala 4360
GU Territory of Guam 1537
GY Guyana 697
HK Hong Kong SAR China 11505
HN Honduras 3709
HR Croatia 5223
HT Haiti 1869
HU Hungary 16722
ID Indonesia 426995
IE Ireland 7857
IL Israel 10934
IM Isle of Man 325
IN India 68003
IQ Iraq 7517
IR Iran 11616
IS Iceland 2353
IT Italy 42796
JE Jersey 452
JM Jamaica 4591
JO Jordan 5271
JP Japan 83970
KE Kenya 11857
KG Kyrgyzstan 3942
KH Cambodia 4034
KN 153
KR South Korea 33262
KW Kuwait 28141
KY Cayman Islands 487
KZ Kazakhstan 7678
LA Laos 3329
LB Lebanon 4850
LC Saint Lucia 403
LI Liechtenstein 199
LK Sri Lanka 12213
LR Liberia 375
LS Lesotho 263
LT Lithuania 4308
LU Luxembourg 2381
LV Latvia 8021
LY Libya 2217
MA Morocco 7325
MC Monaco 992
MD Moldova 4039
ME Montenegro 2375
MG Madagascar 893
MK Macedonia 11674
ML Mali 679
MM Myanmar [Burma] 2379
MN Mongolia 3206
MO Macao 1483
MP 151
MQ Martinique 2227
MR Mauritania 157
Code Country Name Count
MT Malta 2427
MU Mauritius 1794
MV Maldives 5914
MW Malawi 526
MX Mexico 143535
MY Malaysia 207667
MZ Mozambique 1813
NA Namibia 1145
NC New Caledonia 154
NE Niger 346
NG Nigeria 20329
NI Nicaragua 4062
NL Netherlands 38669
NO Norway 6780
NP Nepal 3503
NZ New Zealand 9942
OM Oman 6010
PA Panama 8304
PE Peru 16847
PF French Polynesia 387
PG Papua New Guinea 718
PH Philippines 100932
PK Pakistan 8399
PL Poland 9577
PR Puerto Rico 8582
PS Palestinian Territories 176
PT Portugal 12568
PY Paraguay 11908
QA Qatar 11395
RE Réunion 524
RO Romania 27512
RS Serbia 7081
RU Russia 73460
RW Rwanda 564
SA Saudi Arabia 50946
SC Seychelles 206
SD Sudan 3211
SE Sweden 10949
SG Singapore 62228
SI Slovenia 3906
SJ 223
SK Slovakia 5835
SL Sierra Leone 470
SM San Marino 215
SN Senegal 1197
SO Somalia 288
SR Suriname 1242
SS 186
ST 174
SV El Salvador 4958
SX Sint Maarten 253
SY Syria 3483
SZ Swaziland 236
TC Turks and Caicos Islands 282
TD Chad 209
TG Togo 258
TH Thailand 286740
TJ Tajikistan 448
TL Timor-Leste 459
TM Turkmenistan 908
TN Tunisia 8266
TR Turkey 300175
TT Trinidad and Tobago 4804
TW Taiwan 12020
7. May I query more than one names in one request?

Yes, this is definitely possible. While making a query, by putting semicolon “;”, you can query the 100 number of names at once.

8. How do you find the gender from e-mail address?

We have a special module that written by us . It breaks your texted e-mail address and perceive the words inside it if it is a name. This module finds the person’s name and maybe the surname and gender from the e-mail addresses you have. For example: there are 2 words in the [email protected] e-mail address. It tries to find the gender of this person by querying these words. It verifies the "Mark" name as earthly male and forwards to you this result.

9. I found an error on the system. What should I do?

We always need your supports to improve our system. Please send the errors that you found to e-mail address .

10. Do you provide any library for programming languages?

There are a good deal of libraries that are prepared by us for programming languages. To reach and use the sample codes and libraries, please review the API Documentation.

11. How the credits decrease by querying?

Free accounts are renewed as 200 credits everyday. For each result, 1 credit decreases from your account. If you do multiple name query, one each credit decreases from your account for each results on each query you did.